The Year  

by Laura Dingle


 Clouds floated in the sky .

As the great white owl pounced

Upon a weak young mouse,

And the great gray wolf howled

In the distance .

Under the the full moon the

Grasshoppers danced, like

Fairies in the wind and

The old man lay still under

The old oak tree, its leaves

Wisping in the wind.

When the sun had risen above

The hills, and the night

Sounds had disappeared

The old man lay still.

Bright colors filled the trees

As the wind blew the first leaf

To the ground .


Trudging the forest and over

The snow, as a Bear makes his

Den in a cave.

A weasel with his fur splotched

white, hunts down a mouse.

The winter wind stings my

Face, yet I move on . I move

To where the ganders are, and

where the birds migrate.

I move on .

Winter is a comin',

A comin', a comin',

And when it arrives,

It shall stay.


The flowers bloom,

The bluebird sings,

And the green grass sways

In the wind.

The big bear yawns,

He is hungry for a meal.

I walk north, the only

Way to go. I wish to

See the lake again, I

Wish to see the house,

I wish to see the heron

Fly just above the loon.

Not yet, though.

Still miles away.

But soon.

The 1ake....

My lake.


I swing in the air with the

Greatest of ease, then dive

To the depths of the fish.

The summer sun hangs high

In the sky, the eagle flys

Home from the hunt.

The stone eagle stands

With his head up high,

And for many years he will


The raspberries ripen and

Blueberries too.

The strawberries are

Perfect to eat.

The loon calls and the

waves flow gently toward